"The eká women doesn't move very far away from where she stands last season. The only thing that changes is the treatment of textiles, colour palette, the idea of presenting the clothes, soft layering, differentiated volume with easy silhouettes, an everyday leisure look in luxury fabrics, and a bit of optimism.

The shapes are soft silhouettes that are layered with outsized proportions - a bit opulent mixed with heritage vibe. Lean and languid trousers, dresses with waist pleats in heavy wool, long outsized shirts & tunics paired with a bulk of wool scarves, with minimal handwork detailing & gold accents. A mature and grown up vibe with big plaids in accent colours.

My designs are inspired by authenticity in textiles. Essentially this season was very linear in terms of designs. If you see, I have only done stripes, polka and textures with some metallics. Though the stripes being hand woven still have a little irregularity that make them non-rigid. Also the polka dots are not absolute. There is a textural distorting that was done intentionally to make it more merging with the backdrop. This kind of treatment is my handwriting. I prefer to have things not very precise, I find undone more appealing than precision." - Rina Singh, designer.



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Photography by Dolly Haorambam.


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