Thai Park, Berlin

If it's the weekend and the sun is out, you can bet your bottom euro that Berlin's food fanatics are at Thai Park, a loving sobriquet given to Preußenpark in boring Wilmersdorf.

Every Saturday and Sunday, the local Thai community has congregated on the green under a flurry of brightly coloured umbrellas and barbecued, picnicked and gossiped. What began several years ago as a private affair has turned into a wonderful social gathering over delicious homemade Thai food and drinks which go for a few euros a pop (mains will cost you around €5) while the authorities (they say) turn a blind eye. 

You'll find rows of friendly German-spouting Thai ladies and gents selling everything from fresh spring rolls, grilled fish and fragrant salads, to Thai iced tea and rum based cocktails, to bean and sugary tapioca-based desserts. 

Pack a blanket and cash, get out at Fehrbelliner Platz, join the sunbathing hipsters and cute Eurasian babies on the grass and plan to overeat. It's a fabulous food excursion and worth all the subway changes.