Rabbit's Foot Inc.


Rustic and elegant artisanal home essentials “created from different types of wood with different finishes”. Rabbit’s Foot Inc. create wooden tableware and serveware, and things “that go on a table, side table, nesting table, dining, study, with a few decor accents and storage items”.

Founded by Divya Kothiwal and supported by her mum Geeta, who handles most of the production and whose experience and passion Divya describes as “quite infectious”. The duo lead an in-house (quite literally) workshop team of four artisans between whom each item passes, from start to finish. 

On April 1st, 2016 the duo crafted their first products - a sheesham honey drizzler and a spatula. Rabbit’s Foot Inc. truly becomes incorporated this financial year. 

Their small workshop in their home in Moradabad. 

Rabbit’s Foot Inc was born out of Divya’s desire for a creative outlet when she felt she was lacking inspiration working in a fast-paced job that made her “bones feel brittle. Growing up in a hill station, she always felt close to nature so working with wood as a primary material resonated with her.

She remembers asking herself, “What if there was something that could add that motivation on a regular basis. What if those could be beautiful objects which have a unique story to tell and offer joy to living spaces and the owners of those spaces and help them craft their own stories.”

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Opening image courtesy Neha Jain.