PA.NI Swimwear


PA.NI Swimwear is a high end body-positive swimwear line made specifically for Indian women's bodies. Their swimsuits are made from Econyl, a fabric upcycled from nylon fishing nets and other plastic waste found in the ocean. The products also feature accessories handmade by artisans in an effort to support the cottage industry. 

A small team led by founder Leila Veerasamy, a French-Mauritian expat who was brought up mainly in Mauritius. 

The brand recently launched on September 1st, 2018 but was founded two years ago. 

With fabric made in Italy, production in Sri Lanka and artisanal embellishments from both a village in Uttar Pradesh and Bombay, where the team is based, PA.NI is a global effort.

“I created PA.NI Swimwear when I realized there weren't many swimwear options for women in India: and more importantly, how few of them catered to women with different body types (or globally, women of colour). This lack of diversity in the market made me realize that we needed a swimwear brand that actually made women feel good in their skin and comfortable in their attire: which is why we pay close attention to leg cuts, bust supports and adjustable necklines in order to create the perfect fit. Prior to designing our first collection, we extensively studied the Indian market and surveyed 100+  women in Mumbai on their relationship with their bodies and swimwear.” The company maintains both social and environmental goals. “Our brand is based on 3 impact pillars: body-positivity, sustainability and artisan development.”

PA.NI Swimwear.