Moringa What


Ingredient-focused 100% natural skincare with “the underlying focus on feeding your skin what you can feed yourself.” Their two product range includes a cold pressed moringa oil and a gentle exfoliant of besan (Bengal gram), turmeric and moringa powder, three pantry ingredients rooted in South Asian beauty traditions. 

Moringa What is a wellness brand with the aim of creating social impact, and committed to sustainability, ensuring even their packaging is as eco-friendly as possible. 

Founder Ekom Mamik and a collective of three small holder farmers and their families. “Also, the invisible hands of my family, including my grandmother (nani), that helped with packaging and shipping in the early stages and continue to help on an adhoc basis!”

In October 2015, Moringa What launched with their first product the 100% Moringa cold-pressed oil for skin & hair. 

Based in the foothills of Darjeeling where they work with local farmers. They also work with farmers in South India. 

The idea was conceptualised in mid 2014 while Ekom worked at a model sustainable village of HIV affected children and grandparents in remote Kenya, where Moringa leaves were being processed for use by locals to boost their immune system. Ekom became passionate about the Moringa Oleifera, a drought-resistant tree that she grew up with, without the know-how of its nutritional impact and varied uses. 

Moringa What was launched as a response to both having difficulty sourcing “truly clean ingredients in the current state of chemically laden skincare” and to create “opportunities for sustained growth for low income communities as opposed to charity that is short lived”. 

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