Codorniu Cava Winery, near Barcelona

If you are spending more than a week or two in Barcelona and would like a short day trip with a side of modernisme and a glass of bubbly (two actually), make your way to Cavas Codorniu, or the Codorniu winery. There’s a bus now, which makes it easy as pie to get to or you can take the train to Sant Sadurni d'Anoia and catch a cab or stroll over.

Codorniu make cava, Spain’s 'champagne' and are the oldest producers of this bottle-fermented sparkling wine. The noucentista or art nouveau buildings were designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch, a Gaudi contemporary whose work is magnificent, the gardens are gorgeous and the tour itself is quite interesting.

Don’t expect to see much of the wine-making process up close (this isn’t some quaint homebrewer), but you will learn a little bit about it and about Codorniu’s incredible history. It’s more of a facilities tour, but it includes a short train ride of its labyrinthine underground cellars which is quite an experience.

The architecture was a highlight for us, as was the generous wine tasting (but of course). The tour ends at the giftshop, where you can choose to buy a souvenir. We packed a bottle in our luggage.