Bare Necessities


Zero waste personal and home care products made from organic, local and fair trade natural ingredients handmade fresh in small batches without chemical preservatives. Lifestyle accessories that also support the zero waste lifestyle such as stainless steel straws and bamboo toothbrushes.

Founded by Sahar Mansoor and supported by a small team.


Bangalore, India. “Aseya Banu makes all our products - she is training more local women under her to make these products. Lip balm is Sahar's favourite, she still makes every batch of lip balm that leaves our Bare workshop.”

Overwhelmed with India’s trash problem, Sahar decided she wanted to stop being part of it and began to live a zero-waste lifestyle. Bare Necessities is a by-product of her own personal zero waste values. “In my zero-waste journey, I realized that it was impossible to find personal care and home care products that didn’t contain harmful chemicals and weren’t packaged in plastic. In response to this problem, I wanted to create a company that mirrored the values of zero waste, ethical consumption and sustainability. I wanted to make it easy for other people looking to consume more mindfully and to encourage others to produce less waste. At Bare Necessities, It’s not just about selling product, but about encouraging an earth friendly lifestyle.”

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