Aureole is a young clothing label from Mumbai, India making clothes for everyday living. They work with skilled weavers and craftsmen from across the country to design their own textiles in khadi and silks. Aureole’s clothing is kind to the environment and rooted in the ideologies of slow living.

Aureole was founded by Kunal Virwani and Aditi Mohoni. Kunal worked in garment exports in Dhaka until he decided to move back to explore an environmentally conscious method of garment production. After practicing law for 6 years, Aditi wrapped up her practice as a divorce lawyer to build a brand that was both mindful to the environment along with being affordable. The backbone of Aureole “are our tailors, craftsmen and weavers who painstakingly bring to life it's vision.”

14th February, 2017

Aureole work out of a small studio in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. Garments are made at their studio ensuring strict quality control. 

“In 2016, when the Bombay High Court was on vacation, we took a trip to Gujarat where we came across the most breathtaking textiles being woven by skilled men and woven in front of our eyes. We were overwhelmed on seeing the beauty and patience with which these talented folk created some of the finest textiles we had ever laid eyes on. It was the exploration of these crafts that techniques that gave form to Aureole - a label that believes in retuning to a pace of life that celebrates slowness, the slowness of the breath that gives life, this slow revolving earth, slow unfolding of moments and the hands that create out of slow harmonic movements.”

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