“Andamen is a contemporary men’s fashion brand where Indian-ness is celebrated. Sometimes quietly. Sometimes with a little jig.” Andamen makes men’s shirts and accessories. Their focus is on luxury, not as a price point but as an experience. Inspired by the Andaman Islands, and symbolic of today’s global Indian, Andamen represents the unique duality of being international yet deeply connected to our Indian roots. 

Co-founders Siddharth and Satvika Suri. Siddharth’s passion is product, design and strategy while Satvika leads brand, marketing and operations.

Andamen launched in January 2016. 

HQ in Gurgaon with production in Nepani, on the outskirts of Bangalore.

Andamen was born out of co-founder Siddharth’s belief that the fashion industry, especially the luxury segment was ready for disruption. “I am very passionate about India and about great quality and craftsmanship. Before I went to pursue my MBA in 2013, I had dreamt about launching a menswear fashion brand that leverages India’s rich heritage and craftsmanship.” Siddharth sees a huge opportunity in India which boasts one of the world’s fastest growing fashion markets, yet it remains difficult to find brands offering exceptional quality at affordable prices. “Our Indian heritage, storytelling based concept and design philosophy also make Andamen a truly unique brand in the men’s fashion space.”

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