Bombay Perfumery X LOVER



LOVER planned and conceptualised all aspects of an engaging workshop format for Bombay Perfumery
that the brand could then utilise for future marketing purposes.

The workshop commenced with a discussion around the brand, its eight debut fragrances and the different components
that make up perfume, and culminated with a hands-on workshop where participants created their own personalised fragrance.

For our first invite-only workshop (pictured above), LOVER also curated a special guestlist comprising creatives such as -

Kshitij Kankaria, fashion stylist

Nimish Shah, fashion designer and founder of SHIFT

Shweta Sharma, a costume designer

Kunaal Seolekar, architect at StudioHAUS and founder of KOY

Shweta Kaushik, interior designer and founder of SK.ID

Ravi Vazirani, interior designer and founder of RVDS

Deborah di Fiore, illustrator and founder of Modest Genius Design

Sameer Kulavoor, visual artist and director of Bombay Duck Designs

Zee Kulavoor, graphic designer and Arabic calligrapher

Roshni Bajaj Sanghvi, food writer and editor


The event was held at Blue Tokai so we incorporated their coffee beans into our smelling sessions for clearing the nose,
and their coffee (and snacks) to refuel our guests.

Bombay Perfumery continues to conduct the workshop, a ticketed event to complement its presence in new venues.
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