The Alipore Post x LOVER #3

Art by Malay Bargali


To Baudelaire by Jeet Thayil

I am over you at last, in Mexico City,

in a white space high above the street,

my hands steady, the walls unmoving.

It's warm here, and safe, and even in winter

the rain is benign. Some mornings I let

the sounds of the plaza - a fruit seller,

a boy acrobat, a woman selling

impossible fictions - pile up in a corner

of the room. I'm not saying I'm happy

but I am healthy and my money's my own.

Sometimes when I walk in the market

past the chickens and the pig smoke,

I think of you - your big talk and wolf's heart,

your Bonaparte hair and eyes of Poe.

I don't miss you. I don't miss you when

I open a window and light fills the room

like water pouring into a paper cup,

or when I see a woman's white dress shine

like new coins and I know I could follow

my feet to the river and let my life go

away from me. At times like this,

if I catch myself talking to you,

I'm always surprised at the words I hear

of regret and dumb boyish devotion.


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