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I discovered The Alipore Post late last year, when it linked to one of my own stories. I went through its archives briefly, felt terribly flattered and signed up for it. Ever since day #275 I’ve woken up to a daily newsletter that distracts me every morning but in a good way - with art, poetry and music from all corners of the globe and links to the best things on the internet.

On February 2, 2015, founder Rohini Kejriwal gave birth to The Alipore Post in the neighbourhood from which it gets its name. On a sabbatical that took her to Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh and all over South India, she found herself back in her bedroom in Calcutta “where all the magic took place, and my brain would suddenly be wired to match the perfect poem and artwork, or stumble upon an article or website that was too good to keep to myself.”

The name, The Alipore Post, is an ode to her home and all things postal. “I love letter writing, which was the only means of keeping in touch with people back home when I was at boarding [school]”, she explains.

Now based in Bangalore, and wherever her feet take her, and a freelance writer by profession, this long time image saver, poem eater, music lover and bookmarker has made collating and curating second nature.

With almost 800 subscribers on TinyLetter, and 5500 on Facebook, The Alipore Post has quickly gained itself a substantial following. Subscribers love it for making sense of the internet via neat little daily compilations, others lament the endless vortex it sucks them into but are fans anyway. For those that can’t get enough from the handful of links in the newsletter, Facebook serves to tide them over until the next day.

Apart from the feedback she receives and connections she’s forged, how has this self-directed project been rewarding? “This might sound silly but I always imagined dying an obscure death. Thanks to The Alipore Post and the scale it has taken off on, I might just be remembered after I go, which is a nice feeling.”

Tired of only living online, Rohini is planning a pop up cafe in Bangalore - a weekend of food, music, art, board games, poetry, letter writing, vinyl sessions, and all the things that make her happy. It's time, she declares, “I'm ready to go offline and come out of my awkward shell and go on a hugging spree.”


For each issue henceforth, The Alipore Post will put together an India-centric special for LOVER. See the first one here.

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