Secret Pune

In one of her other latest projects, Zuri Camille de Souza writes, “Our cities are, like David Harvey rightly says, becoming spaces for absorbing and consuming capital. I do not want more 'cute cafes' or 'interesting, secret bookshops' or 'concept stores' in the place I live. I do not care for a coffee shop that also sells cacti or the secret, best bar in town. I want spaces where I am not made to feel the need to consume in order to exist.

Socially, politically and economically, there is an increasing discrimination within the urban environment - to deny this is naive and short-sighted.”

While most of us can admit we love the spaces she doesn’t want, we can also agree we are spoilt for choice already. What we need are the kinds of spaces she means - the kinds the city guides leave out. 

In this project, Zuri explores the idea of secret spaces that people identify within the city of Pune.

“I found out about these spaces virtually - messaging, chatting and talking with people online. I then embedded the secret within the map, creating a two-dimensional space within which the secret is hidden.”


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Zuri Camille de Souza is a graphic designer and urban ecologist. Find her work online here and follow her on instagram @sensualecology