Furqan Jawed's 100km Desserts

We don’t really sit down to think about the carbon footprint of our food or the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by growing, farming, processing, transporting, storing, cooking and disposing of the ingredients that go into our meals. For the making of these recipe prints, designer Furqan Jawed did.

Then resident in Yelahanka, a suburb in Bangalore, he examined the increasingly unsustainable patterns of food production and consumption and asked ‘What foods and food products are produced within a 100km radius?’

The end results are four large typography-focused poster-style artworks, with simple recipes for desserts using low-cost, local and seasonal produce we’re incredibly familiar with as the prime ingredients.

‘You Made That?’ was Furqan’s response to a student project at Srishti Institute, Bangalore.  

Furqan Jawed is a designer based in Delhi. He likes
puppies, chocolate and bursting pimples. Find his work online here and follow him on instagram at @fuckran.